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Yoga mat Padma spray blue

SLOW down

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yoga mat Padma spray blue SLOW down
Yoga mat Padma spray blue

EUR 79,17

Padma is mindful

Padma is mindful.

She creates an aura of deep tranquility around her. When you’re close to her, stillness becomes natural. Moments of quiet provide space for observation and bring answers. She looks after herself, her loved ones and the world attentively and with tenderness. The pattern on her mats is spray paint.

Padma is in lotus pose. This deeply meditative asana brings spiritual balance and harmony. It opens up the hips and releases negative emotions, which has a positive impact on our body and mind.

The name of this asana in Sanskrit is padmasana.

Mat type SLOW down
SLOW down mats create comfort and warmth, which makes them a great choice for beginners as well as anyone who wants to change the rhythm and scope of their practice. SLOW down mats will fit in with your new rhythm.
Slow down — but keep going.

Mat type: SLOW down
materials: microfibre + rubber
dimensions: 183 x 68 cm
weight: approx. 3 kg
thickness: 4 mm

This yoga mat is made of microfibre / polyester / and environmentally friendly natural rubber. 4 millimetres of thickness provide a lot of comfort and support during exercises. The mat’s surface is soft and delicate. Its grip increases with the intensity of your practice; you can also moisten the mat’s surface or spray your hands and feet with water. This mat is suitable for practising yoga, pilates, gymnastics and fitness, both at home and outdoors. It’s perfect for power vinyasa or hot yoga.
We recommend cleaning the mat with a wet cloth after a workout.
Avoid exposing the mat to sunlight.
Long sunlight exposure will accelerate the rubber’s biodegradation process.
The print on the top microfibre layer was made using water-based paints.
Always roll up the mat with the printed side facing out.
The mat can be hand-washed, but not machine-washed or tumble-dried.
The mat does not contain PVC or harmful materials.
People with allergies should avoid contact with the mat as it contains 100% natural, biodegradable rubber.
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