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Meet us

Every mat is attributed to a Yoga Girl with her corresponding asana (yoga pose). Our mats, inspired by art and women’s stories, are unique thanks to their original designs.

To us, yoga means paying attention to our thoughts and feelings and bringing them into everyday life. It’s a space for gaining a sense of oneself as well as a better understanding of others. Art, on the other hand, makes us more sensitive and open to the beauty around us. It’s an expression of thoughts, emotions and ideas. Yoga and art make for a beautiful mind-body relationship.

To share this unique relationship, we created the GIRLS and YOGA brand, which is a story of our sensitivity to the world and values derived from yoga practice.

We believe that together, we can convey more beauty and goodness, inspire one another, help each other by sharing experience, passion and the joy of being ourselves.

We look for our inner strength with courage, awareness and sensitivity to open ourselves up to change. We follow our intuition and strive to draw as much energy as possible from each other, nature and little things in everyday life.

The main theme of our brand is girls and their yoga stories. Meet them on, our Instagram profile: @dziewczynyijoga.
We hope this place inspires you to find your dream yoga mat.

Let our mats add beauty to your yoga journey.

Feel art beneath your feet.